Solar Powered Abra at Al Mamzar

In the bid to strive for greener energy transport solutions, the RTA has announced that a solar powered abra will be running at Al Mamzar. The abra is said to be the first of its kind in the Middle East and has undergone a month of testing to check for the possibilities of imbalance in the boat and also the logistics of providing enough power for the abra to operate.

According to the RTA there is enough power produced by the solar panels for the abra to run for 5 hours a day at normal operating speeds of 3-4 knots. The battery can be recharged to 100% each day.

The testing was done at Al Jadaf without any passengers on board and the services are now running at Al Mamzar.

In recent times the RTA has also converted the traditional abra, which runs on a diesel engine, to an electric abra, which operates in a number of locations throughout Dubai. Obviously the logistics of using a solar powered abra on all routes are unfeasible, due to the running times of some of the abra routes, but where the routes only operate for a limited amount of time each day it may be possible to bring in the solar powered abra.

The RTA has been at the forefront of green technology for transport in the Middle East and continues to push boundaries and strive for more sustainable living options for the Emirate. Obviously the weather in Dubai provides a good backbone for the ability to use solar power where possible.

This was the instagram announcement with full details from the RTA:



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