Festival City Abra

Festival City Abra

The Festival City abra runs from the back of the Festival Centre, just near the outside the Intercontinental hotel at Dubai Festival City across the water to Al Jadaf. Currently there is a lot of building work ongoing at Festival City so it can be a little bit difficult to actually get to the abra station.

This abra service enables people to get over to the Al Jadaf marine transport station so that the Ferry can be taken along the Dubai Water Canal and it costs 2 dirhams per person with the exact change being required.

The operational hours of the abra service at Dubai Festival City are:

Saturday to Thursday: 7am to midnight.

Fridays and Public holidays: 7am to Midnight

The service runs at regular intervals as shown in the graphic below:

Timings for the abra service at Festival City

The trip only takes a couple of minutes to cross the water.

See the map below to find out the location and the route of the Festival City abra.

Festival City Abra Map