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    17 January 1997, Binh Minh Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

    The meeting commenced at 14.20 hr.

    The Proposed Agenda was confirmed. Moved Jack Cannon; Seconded Tom Spurling.

    1. Attendance

    Professor J Webb, Lim Teck Thai, Professor M Mosihuzaman, Professor D Black,Dr T Spurling, Dr L Prage, Fumin Zhang, Assoc Professor S Pyne, Dr B Noller, Dr JR Cannon, Dr M Mohinder Singh, Professor BH Han, Professor R Liminga

    2. Apologies

    Dr N Marchant, Professor Vichai Retrukul, Professor Nordin Hj Laijis, Dr P Marriott

    3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

    The minutes were accepted without correction. Moved L. Prage; Seconded B Noller; Carried.

    4. Business Arising from the Minutes

    • IPICS subsequently supplied funds
    • Details requested from Dr Mohinder Singh were not yet supplied
    • Chemical Abstracts were not yet contacted

      5. Report of the Editor and Chairman

      Volumes 4 and 5 were published. There had been limited response for library subscriptions. About 140 subscriptions were needed. The annual cost of journal production is approx $3000. Libraries were therefore encouraged to take a subscription.

      The abstracting of journals by Chemical Abstracts requires the issue of 5 volumes.

      The budget statement was included in the report. Funds were received from IFS, IPICS, UNESCO and FACS, to be shown in the statement of the Treasurer.

      An ISBN number needs to be obtained.

      The following comments were provided :

      • Need to improve circulation

      It was suggested by T Spurling that the journal needed to be published electronically. The control of subscription is less important than circulation of authors material.J Cannon suggested to publish a short account of the ACGC meeting in Chemistry in Australia and journals of other national societies.

      • Long term funding

      There needs to be a capital fund (Mohinder Singh). The proposed budget should include travel for attendance at ACGC Meetings. J Cannon spoke against the supply of travel funds.

      The Proposed Budget for 1997-98, including 7ACC in Hiroshima, May 1997 and the ACGC Meeting in 1998, was presented by S Pyne; Moved B Noller; Seconded L Prage; Carried.

      The Report presented by S Pyne was Moved by D Black; Seconded T Spurling; Carried.

      6. Financial Statement

      No statement was available.

      7. New Business

      7.1 ACGC CRC Board

      J Cannon, replace with B Noller.

      B Noller steps down as Secretary.

      J Webb was nominated as Secretary by D Black; Seconded J Cannon.

      Professor's Mosihuzaman and Chu Nan Soc Son (Saigon) were nominated for the Scientific Advisory Board.

      Professor agreed to distribute 1000 copies in Korea

      7.2 ACGC Membership

      B Noller replaces J Cannon.

      7.3 Generation of New Funds

      No new funds were proposed. There was a need to review circulation.

      7.4 Proposed Subscriptions for Library and Individuals

      Libraries $25/year. Indiviiduals $6/year.

      7.5 Proposed Arrangenments for 1997-1998 and 1998-1999

      2 volumes were expected per year. More copies would be produced and revenue increased rather than increase subscriptions. A target was major multi-national chemical companies for advertising.Some forward commitment could be secured against increasing subscription numbers. Issues would be given away and advertising sought. Have specific issues. A "JR Cannon" retirement issue was suggested.

      7.6 Future Directions

      B Noller proposed that Project ChIN of the FACS, via Dr David Winkler, develop a proposal to have an electronic journal.

      8. Other Matters.

      No matters were raised.

      9. Next Meeting

      This would be held with the next ACGC meeting in September 1998

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