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    30 January 1996, Mehfil 1 Room Purbani Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    1. Attendance

    Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne, Professor. J. Cannon, Assoc.Prof. J. Webb, Dr B. Noller, Dr L. Prage and Dr. Nordin Hj. Lajis

    2. Apologies

    Dr. J.V. Kingston

    3. Minute of the last meeting

    Moved Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne; Seconded Professor. J. Cannon; Carried

    4. Matters arising

    * The amount held in the FACS account at the IKM is about RM$40,000 was transferred to an RACI-FACS account

    * IPICS was yet to be asked to contribute funds.

    * Professor David Black was asked to be a member of the The Editorial Board.

    * All papers to be sent to Stephen Pyne.

    * Marius van Alphen )UNESCO New Delhi) did not advise the current ACGC membership.Professor Cannon had provided a list of names.

    * The backlog of papers is completed.

    * The paper by Hill was published in the FACS Newsletter.

    * A logo has been designed. It was moved that the logo be

    accepted Profess?or. J. Cannon; Seconded Dr B. Noller; Carried.

    * The Editor's expenses would be arranged.

    * Dr. M. Mohinder Singh was asked fto supply details of the previous circulation list (not supplied).

    * Details were yet to be circulated to the Advisory Board.

    5. Report of the Editor and Chairman

    Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne presented his report.

    * All backlog had be dealt with.

    * Ten new papers were received.

    * The aims were listed on the inside cover of the journal.

    * An aim was to get Chemical Abstracts to accept the journal for listing

    * More publicity was needed.

    * Libraries would be charged for subscriptions.

    * A flier was produced.

    The report was moved Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne; Seconded Dr. L. Prage; Carried.

    The Editor was congratulated on his success by all Board members.

    The IFS offered to help circulate details of the journal. The Editor would send these details to Dr Prage.

    6. Financial Statement

    Two amounts, $2000 and $4500, were transferred to the Editor from the main account following approval by Board members. Moved

    New business

    ACGC CRC Board

    Dr. J. Cannon, Dr. Marius von Alphen*, Dr B. Noller, Assoc. Prof. J. Webb and Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne (Chairman) and Dr L. Prage comprise the Board.

    Editorial Board

    Assoc. Prof. Stephen Pyne is appointed as Executive Editor, Dr. Barry Noller as Secretary and Dr. J. Cannon (NCBNP), Dr J.V. Kingston (UNESCO-ROSTSCA), Assoc. Prof. J.Webb (ANAIC), Dr Mohinder Singh (IKM), Dr Nordin Hj Lajis (UNESCO SE Asian Regional Network), Professor B.H. Han (Korea), and Dr. L. Prage (IFS) are the Board members.

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Remove Professor Sjamsul Achmad and replace with Dr. Dayar Arbain (Indonesia). Remove Professor Vasudera Murthy and replace by Dr. T. Ramasami

    *Note : Presumably Dr. Marius van Alphen will be replaced by Dr. Mohan Perera

    (CLRI Madras India). Remove Drs. Noller and Prage as they are members of the Board.

    Remove Dr Ram Kulkarni, Miss Delia E Torrijos. Add the names of Dr Mohan Perera UNE?SCO, New Delhi, Dr Sirichai Nimgirawath, Silpakorn University, Nakorn Pathom (Thailand), Professor Chen Min Bo (China), Professor Hajime Akimoto (Japan). Barry Noller is to write to all suggested new members and invite/confirm membership of the Scientific Advisory Board.

    ACGC membership

    Marius van Alphen is requested to advise Stephen Pyne of the current ACGC membership details for the ACGC brochures.

    Changes :

    * Dr JV Kingston Director of UNESCO/ROSTSCA, UNESCO Representative in India

    * Professor Webb (ANAIC)

    * Professor Han has been replaced by Professor Dr Nordin, UNESCO Network for the Chemistry of Natural Products in Southeast Asia

    * SCAMAP delete

    * Dr J Cannon (NCBNP)

    * Remove APINMAP

    * Remove ASTINFO

    * Commonwealth Science Council Change to Dr J A J Perera, Commonwealth Science Council, Commonwealth Secretariat, Marlborough House, Pall Mall London, SW1Y 5HX, UK

    * IDRC Remove Dr H Gunasingham

    * ASOMPS remove Professor Achmad (Indonesia) a?nd change to Dr Nguyen The Dung, Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, National Centre for Natural Sciences and Technology. Nghai Do Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

    * Remove IDP

    * Change Professor KV Sane to Low Cost Locally Produced Instrument Program (LCLPIP)

    * Technician Program (R Bradley Dublin City University) - 3rd Symposium in Vancouver

    * Professor W Taylor change to ACGC Chemistry Program in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal

    * Change SEABOP to BOTANY 2000

    Add :

    * UNESCO/ROSTSEA Jakarta (Dr Fumin Zhang)

    Back page of ACGC CRC Brochure

    Add :

    LANBIO Professor Hermann Niemeyer (Chile)

    Change :

    Leave out IDP

    Change to funded by (leave out mainly)

    Leave out the publication rate

    Proposal for backlog of papers

    (i) Papers ready for processing for publication (to Stephen Pyne)

    (ii) Papers requiring author comments (Barry Noller send these out with return to Stephen Pyne)

    (iii) Papers not returned from reviewers (Barry Noller to ch8ase up)

    Matter of paper by Hill

    Not appropriate for this journal. Rejected. Try an NUS publication.

    Other matters

    List date of receipt of papers from now on.

    Design a logo.

    Editors expenses. These have been listed and have been approved by the Board against an advance. Advance is set for up to AUD $2000 for expenses. Moved J Cannon. Seconded B. Noller. Carried.

    Sending out copies. Ask Mohinder for list details.

    Circulate details to the advisory board. Stephen Pyne to build up the circulation list. 

    Meeting closed at 11.26 hr.

    B.N. Noller


    Last updated:2016-05-05