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    About the 3rd ACGC Meeting, 1986

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    29-31 December 1986

    ACGC 3 was organised as a much larger meeting of 25 people from organisations who had interests in the development of Chemistry in Asia. It took place in Kuala Lumpur during 29-31 January 1986. This was the first meeting that Rune Liminga attended.

    Prepared by Jack Cannon


    • Summary
    • Status Report on Chemical Activities in Asia


    A. Agenda

    B. List of Participants and their addresses

    C. Statement on the Asian Network for Analytical and inorganic Chemistry

    D. Statement on the South and Central Asian Network for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

    E. Statement on the Regional Network for the Chemistry of Natural Products in Southeast Asia

    F. Statement on the Network for the Chemistry of Biologically Important Natural Products

    G. Report of the meeting of the interim Steering Committee of the Asian and Pacific information Network on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

    H. Statement on the UNESCO/IUPAC Project on Low Cost Equipment for Chemical Education

    I. Statement on the National Entrepreneurs' Chemical Park Project

    J. Statement on a Programme on Analytical Standardization in Asian Laboratories

    K. Statement on the international Seminars in Physics and Chemistry

    L. Statements on the international Foundation for Science

    M. Statement on the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies

    N. Statement on the international Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges

    O. Report on a visit to Sri Lanka concerning technician training during 4 - 26 August 1985 by Dr. J.A. Douek on behalf of the British Council 

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