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    ACGC 2

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    11-13 December 1984

    ACGC 2 took place in Kuala Lumpur during 11-13 December 1984. John Kingston, Mohinder Singh, Krishna Sane, Ram Kulkarni, John Webb and I attended. This smaller meeting led to the final arrangements for ANIAC. The meeting was very informal and took place at the edge of the swimming pool at the Merlin Hotel. I have no records of the meeting but I remember clearly that a good deal of the time was taken up by listening to Krishna and Ram trying to organise a co-operation which never eventuated. The reason this was a small meeting was due to the serious problems which had arisen inside UNESCO between John Kingston and Pierre Crabbe and John had decided to act independantly of IOCD. I think it was at this meeting that we decided, probably as a result of a bar room discussion, to adopt the acronym ACGC for John's new initiative. The rift between John Kingston and Pierre Crabbe continued until the latter was killed in a hit and run accident in Brussels.

    Prepared by Jack Cannon

    Last updated:2016-05-05