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    Minutes of the Fifteenth (15th) Meeting of ACGC XV

    Kunming Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    September 30 - October 1 1999

    1. Introduction and Welcome

    Prof Barry Noller provided an introduction to this meeting of ACGC, which, although out of sequence, was called to develop planning for ASOMPS X and XI (Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants and Spices). He referred also to the World Chemical Congress that will be held in Australia in 2001.

    Opening Remarks: Professor Lui Shisong, Deputy-Director General of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Commission endorsed the meeting and emphasised the importance of medicinal plants to Kunming. Medicinal plants and pharmacology together with natural medicine chemistry are studied in key laboratories in Kunming, in collaboration with the Kunming Institute of Botany. He noted that ASOMPS XI will push forward the resources of the province and catalyse international collaboration.

    Following photographs to commemorate the meeting, there was a presentation on the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chemical Academy of Sciences: "Chemical Study and Development of New Drugs from Medicinal Plants". Features of the Institute are :

    Founded in 1938; 16 staff members; 122 graduate students; 5 departments; 1,200,000 specimens held; area of 63 hectares. An informative colour booklet was distributed.

    Main research sectors are : Plant Biogeography and Biodiversity; Phytochemistry; Plant Biotechnology; Ethnobotany; and the Botanical Garden, containing both ornamental and medicinal plants. The largest department is Phytochemistry.

    The Yunnan Branch of the Chinese Chemical Society expressed support for the hosting of ASOMPS XI in Kunming. The Branch had specific concerns for the development of chemical education and of chemical resources.

    2. Apologies were received from

    Prof John Webb (late arrival)

    3.Minutes of ACGC XIV

    The Minutes were approved and accepted with several minor corrections:

    NITUB to change to NITUN and some typing corrections in the reports on the World Conference on Science, Dunlop Asia Medal (7.1); Prof S.J. Haider, Bangladesh (7.2); ISO 9002 for the lab in HoChiMinh City (7.5) and on the OPCW activity.

    The meeting welcomed the report from Prof Noller that the proceedings of ASOMPS IX ( Hanoi 1998) would be published within ACGC's CRC journal. Prof Noller would visit Hanoi to facilitate this process, which includes the texts of plenary and session lectures. The meeting also welcomed the news that Prof Lui Shisong had accepted and endorsed the proposal to hold ASOMPS XI in Kunming.


    4.1 UNESCO, Jakarta

    4.2 World Conference on Science

    Prof John Webb reported on this major meeting, sponsored by both UNESCO and ICSU ( International Council of Scientific Unions) in Budapest, Hungary, July 1999. The Reports from Budapest emphasised the importance of science education and called for follow-up proposals. Ethics in science and the importance of recognition of traditional knowledge and intellectual property were also major recommendations. Science communication was seen as increasingly important. Both the Declaration and the Agenda for Action can be found on the UNESCO site:www.unesco.org

    4.3 Natural Product Research in China

    4.4 ChIN (Chemical Information Network), project of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies

    4.5 Assorted Reports by Prof Noller

    4.6 Reports from Prof John Webb

    4.7 Reports by Prof Mosihuzzaman

    4.8 Report on ACGC Chemical Research Communications (CRC)

    The report prepared by Prof Pyne, the Managing Editor is attached ( see Attachments ). The Report was accepted and Prof Pyne thanked for his efforts to establish the journal. The meeting hoped that subscriptions could be increased.

    5.Initiatives: Future Activities of  ACGC

    6. Next Meeting

    This will follow the ASOMPS meeting in Dhaka and is scheduled for 24-25 November, 2000. Details will be provided closer to the time.

    7. Election

    The meeting re-elected the ACGC office bearers: Prof Noller, Chair ( not Chairman), Prof Webb ( Secretary) and Dr. M.M.Singh (Treasurer).


    The meeting closed with a resounding vote of thanks to the local organisers for their efforts and hospitality !!

    Prepared by Prof John Webb



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