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    Minutes of the Thirteenth (13th) Meeting of ACGC XIII

    Bao Son Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

    16 -18 January 1997


    Dr Le Van Nguyen the General Secretary of the Chemical Society of Vietnam welcomed delegates to Hanoi and introduced the Chairmen, Dr. Barry Noller.

    Dr Barry Noller introduced the international delegates and then Dr Le Van Nguyen introduced the Vietnamese delegates.

    1.1 Delegates Present.

    B. H. Han, W. C. Taylor, N. B. Lajis, M. Mosihuzzaman, J. R. Cannon, B. N. Noller, G. R. Anthony, J. M. Webb, F. Zhang, R. Liminga, S. G. Pyne, L. Prage, J. A. J. Perera, M. Singh, D. C. Black, L. T. Thai, D. V. Minh, Q. D. Trieu, L. Q. Khanh, L. V. Nguyen, H. V. Phiet.

    1.2 Special Welcome

    Dr Le Quoc Khanh (Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry), Prof Dang Vu Minh (Vice President of the Chemical Society of Vietnam) and Prof Le Kinh Tai (Vietnamese National Committee for UNESCO?) made a special welcome to Vietnam to the delegates.


    The chairman presented apologies from, M. J. Garson, R. Schultz, M. Chadha and N. Marchant .



    B. Noller was elected Chairman and S. G. Pyne as rapporteur.


    A note of special thanks to Prof Jack Cannon was made by B. Noller on behalf of the ACGC for his exceptional contributions to ACGC for many years. M. Singh moved that Jack Cannon be appointed as a personal adviser to ACGC. This motion was carried by the committee.

    Barry Noller and John Webb were elected to manage the meeting with arrangements for the following meeting to be decided at the conclusion of this meeting.

    4.Minutes of ACGC XII

    The meeting thanked N. Marchant for his comprehensive set of Minutes and accepted these as the Minutes of the Previous meeting with the following amendment to section 6.2, delete "December 1996" and insert "to be proposed".

    It was noted that Prof Chowdry had died since the last meeting in Dhaka.

    5.Reports of   Individual  Member Organisations

    6. Future Activities of  ACGC

    7. Other  Business

    There was no other business.

    8. Future Meetings of  ACGC

    It was agreed that the next ACGC meeting would be held in conjunction with ASOMPS IX in Hanoi in 1998.

    9. Close of Meeting

    B. Noller thanked the CSV for their hospitality and UNESCO for their support. The meeting closed in the afternoon of 17th January 1997.

    Prepared by Prof John Webb



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