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              FACS NEWSLETTER

              Federation of Asian Chemical Societies Minutes of 39th Executive Council Meeting

              Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane, Australia
              18:00 - 19:30, 3 July 2001 and 22:00 -23:00, 3 July 2001

              Prof. Barry N. Noller (Australia), President
              Prof. Ho Si Thoang (Vietnam), President-Elect
              Dr. Johnsee Lee (Taiwan), Past President
              Dr. San H. Thang (Australia), Secretary-General
              Prof. Tahsin J. Chow (Taiwan), Chairman of the Publications
              Prof. Masato Ito (Japan), Coordinator of Projects
              Datuk Dr Ting-Kueh Soon (Malaysia), Treasurer
              Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki, Past Past-President (Japan)
              Datuk Dr. Mohinder Singh (Malaysia), Past Coordinator of Projects
              Mr. Teck Thai Lim (Malaysia), Past Treasurer
              Prof. Xiao-Xia Li (China), Director of ChIN 
              Dr David Winkler (Australia), Co-Director of ChIN
              Prof. John Webb (Australia), Director of ANAIC 
              Prof. Masaaki Tabata (Japan), Co-Director of ANAIC
              Prof. Kan-Nan Chen (Taiwan), Past Secretary General
              Dr Jer-Young Chen (Taiwan), Observer, Past Secretariat 
              Dr Huey Huey Lo (Taiwan), Observer, Past Secretariat
              Prof. Huynh Van Trung (Vietnam), Observer, Chemical Society of Vietnam 
              Prof Kazuko Matsumoto (Japan), Observer, Chemical Society of Japan
              Dr Sung Soo Kim (Korea), Observer, Korean Chemical Society

              1. Opening Remarks by President FACS
              2. Approval of Minutes of 38th EXCO meeting
              3. Appointment of EXCO Members
              4. Report of President
              5. Report of Past-President
              6. Report of President-Elect
              7. Report by Secretary-General
              8. Report by Treasurer
              9. Report by Coordinator of Projects
              10.Report by Chair of publications
              11.Report by ChIN Director on web page
              12.Report on Chemical Education and Green Chemistry Awards
              13.Report on FACS Foundation Guidelines
              14.Venue for 13th GA and 11th ACC
              15.Report on Review of FACS Function
              16.Future EXCO meetings
              17.Other Business
              18.Next meeting


              1. Opening Remarks 
              Dr. Johnsee Lee performed his final duty as President by expressed his warm welcome to all delegates coming along to the meeting and declared the 39th EXCO meeting officially opened at 18:00 on July 3rd, 2001. The meeting was immediately taken over and chaired by the present President, Prof. Barry Noller.

              Prof Noller, the President then made his first speech by extending his warm wishes to delegates attending the meeting. 

              Prof Noller pointed out the fact that due to a tight schedule and limited time available during the 11th GA and 9ACC, this 39th EXCO meeting may need to go on after the official banquet to finish all items listed in the proposed agenda. He also advised us that a group photo of EXCO Members and delegates would be taken prior to the banquet at 19:30.

              2. Approval of Minutes of 38th EXCO meeting (Attachment 1)
              The minutes of 38th EXCO meeting held at Hanoi Horisen Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam on January 11, 2001 was approved as presented. It was moved by Datuk Dr Mohinder Singh (Malaysia) and seconded by Prof Kan-Nan Chen (Taiwan).

              Matters arsing from the minutes: Item 7 38th Exco meeting. The cost of 1000 USD for FACS Web Server was approved. Moved :
              Cost of Newsletter USD$500 was recorded as a donation from Taipei.

              3. Appointment of EXCO Members
              Based upon the decision made at the 11th General Assembly on July 1st, 2001, this meeting recorded the followings as new FACS Executive Council Members for 2001-2003:
              Prof. Barry Noller, President
              Prof. Ho Si Thoang, President-Elect
              Dr. Johnsee Lee, Past President
              Dr San H. Thang, Secretary General
              Datuk Dr. Ting-Kueh Soon, Treasurer
              Prof. Masato Ito, Coordinator of Projects
              Prof. Tahsin J. Chow, Chairman of the Publications

              4. Report of President
              Prof. Barry Noller, President, reported that the 9ACC program went smoothly and well so far. All three Awards Lectures: Foundation Lectureship given by Professor P. Haddad (Australia); Distinguished Young Chemist by Prof. Margaret Anne Brimble (New Zealand); Distinguished Contribution to Economic Advancement by Dr. Jong-Kee Yeo (Korea) were well attended and received by 9ACC participants as well as WCC attendees. In particular, Prof. Margaret Brimble's lecture was the best attended amongst the three with an estimated of >250-300 audiences. Prof. Noller then said it was still a poster session to go tomorrow to complete the 9ACC program.

              Prof. Noller then went on to say that about 3 weeks ago, a meeting was held with Dr Robert Barnes of Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) in Melbourne. RACI agreed to assist in running certain FACS Secretariat matters, and a new email account facs@raci.org.au has been established for FACS Secretariat used in 2001-2003. 

              Prof. Noller quoted an unofficial registration of 150 participants from 80% member Societies at the 9ACC, whereas a bit over 1000 participants were attending the WCC. 

              5. Report of Past President
              Dr Johnsee Lee made a couple of remarks on complaints/observations that he received through delegates attending the 9ACC. These were relating to high registration fee and inadequate delegates' accommodation arrangement. However, Dr Johnsee Lee acknowledged that this could well be a one-off and a very unusual circumstance because of the combined event with a large WCC. With high registration fee, Dr Lee said that this time it was hard to attract more people come to the 9ACC. He wanted to see all future hosting countries for ACC should consider the fee that has been agreed upon and stated in the Procedure of FACS. Also, this time he noted that there was no 10% discount fee for FACS life member. 

              Dr Lee praised Prof. Noller who did a lot of work to bring about a generally accepted as a very successful 9ACC.

              Dr Lee then went on to say that FACS will be in good hand with the new EXCO Members; the FACS website was operated successfully; the Society members went from 24 to 27 with The Israel Chemical Society as the latest member society ; FACS finance was stay in good shape; all FACS projects were doing very well and Dr. Lee then asked Dr. Ito, new coordinator of Projects, to continue its good spirit and keep up with the good work.

              Finally, Dr Johnsee Lee thanked all past EXCO members, his ITRI staff members, especially Dr Huey Huey Lo and all Project Directors making his last two years' job as FACS President much easier to accomplish.

              Comments made by the past-past President, Prof Hitoshi Ohtaki: He noted that in the past, the present Secretary General and Chair of the Publications were normally come from the same country, whereas at the present time, the Secretary General and Chair of the Publications are from two different countries. He then went on to suggest perhaps in the future, all three positions of President, Secretary General and Chair of the Publications could come from all different countries. Matters relating to FACS restructuring should be a topic for consideration and discussion in the coming EXCO meeting. 

              6. Report of President-Elect 
              Prof Ho Si Thoang made several remarks. He first thanked FACS for having chosen Vietnam and the Chemical Society of Vietnam as the next hosting Country and Society for 2003-2005 and elected him as the President-Elect. He personally felt very humble and privileged to be elected to the job.

              He then continued to say that in the coming two years, he would try to learn the experiences from the present President, the past President, the past-past President and other EXCO Members how to run the FACS Organization and the ACC. He then further said it would remain to be a big challenge for Vietnam to run a successful FACS and 10ACC, because Vietnam is not yet in such a prominent International scene before, plus financial and languages could also be a big problem too.

              Prof Ho Si Thoang mentioned that he had made contact and asked Prof Jean Marie Lehn to be a Plenary Speaker at the 10ACC. Any suggestions in relating to speakers for 10ACC are very welcome by Prof Thoang. In a quick response, Prof Noller said that 10 years ago, when he and Dr Tom Spurling first visited Hanoi, they then helped to have Vietnam established as a new member for the FACS at that time. Now 10 years on, he witnessed Vietnam become one of the rapidly growth country in the region in many respects. Prof Noller then went on and said he could not foresee any problems and had no doubt about the ability of Vietnam could hosting a very successful 10ACC as well as the FACS. 

              7. Report by Secretary-General 
              Prof Kan-Nan Chen started out his remarks by saying it has been a great privilege for him to serve the FACS in the last two years. He acknowledged the secretariat work of FACS in the past years leading to the 9ACC and the 11th GA could not function properly without the full support by the Applied Chemistry Division, Union Chemical Laboratories of ITRI in Taiwan. In particular, Dr. Huey Huey Lo and Dr. Jer-Young Chen of ITRI were the two Secretariat Executives who carried out most of the FACS routine and trivial paper work and corresponding emails.

              Dr San Thang, Secretary General, expressed his desire to effectively run the FACS Secretariat for 2001-2003. He viewed that maintaining good communications among our FACS Society members, would be his main tasks for the next two years and in order to do that he suggested that rather than using normal letter correspondence for communications he would use telephone calling people to get work done if necessary. Dr. Thang also hoped that with the available of website plus our regular FACS newsletter, a better communication network can be maintained throughout all Society members. Dr Thang then requested the former Secretariat, in particular, Prof Kan-Nan Chen passed on to him all necessary files, contact details of all Society members, and a list of all individual life members of FACS so that he could constantly maintain an up-to-date record. Finally, Dr Thang expressed personal thanks to his predecessor, Prof Chen and his Secretariat team for their excellent contributions and hard work in the past two years. 

              8. Report of Treasurer
              Mr Lim Teck Thai, the Past Treasurer, had presented two separate financial statements for the year ending 31st Dec 1999 and for the year ending 31st Dec 2000 respectively at the 11th GA. Mr Lim said he had nothing to add to clarify the current FACS financial status at this EXCO meeting.

              However, Mr Lim did mention that a sum of 500 USD each was made available in the budget for each allocated Projects of AFPAN, Website and ChIN, ACEN, ANEC and ANAIC.

              There were matters discussed relating to the FACS unpaid subscription fees for two Society members: The Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS) and The Indian Chemical Society (ICS). Both Societies have written to FACS President and the Treasurer explained their wishes to be remained as member of the FACS and yet their financial constraints had caused them difficulty to pay their arrear dues (Attachments 2 and 3). In the case of the BCS, Prof. Mohammed Mosihuzzaman, President of BCS asked for substantial reduction of their arrear dues (1997-2000) and proposed to pay the subscription for 2000. BCS also agreed to pay USD 120 for 2001. Similarly, the ICS was willing to pay the subscription fee for 2001 (120 USD) and asked that their arrear dues for 1994-2000 be waived. Consensus reached for both cases from all members. FACS decided to waive totally Bangladesh Chemical Society's arrear dues (a total of 760 USD) subjected to receiving the current subscription fee. FACS decided similarly for the Indian Chemical Society and waived all their unpaid dues (a total of 860 USD) subjected to receiving their current subscription fee. New Treasurer needed to write letter to respective BCS and ICS informing our FACS decision. 

              Datuk Dr. Ting-Kueh Soon, new Treasurer, responded by firstly thanking his predecessor, Mr Lim Tech Thai and then conducted motions to move the two unpaid subscription fees cases. Dr Soon and Dr Thang were the two EXCO members moved the motions.

              Dr Soon went on proposing a new budget for all approved FACS Projects, each will receive 500 USD; for those sub-projects, 200 USD or 300 USD will be allocated depend upon the approval by the EXCO; Publications will receive 500 USD towards the production cost of FACS Newsletter. This new proposal was moved by the Treasurer and seconded by Dr Johnsee Lee, the Past President.

              It was proposed that together with Datuk Dr. Ting Kueh Soon, new Treasurer of FACS, the President of IKM, Dr Ho Chee Cheong will be the other new signatory for the account kept in Malaysia.

              Prof Noller raised a point on Dr Paul Haddad's expense (A$ 391.60) to the Treasurer and asked for a cheque of that amount to be issued and paid. Mr Lim will take action on this matter. 

              In this Minutes, a special tribute is recorded in thanking Mr Tech Thai Lim for his outstanding contribution as Treasurer of FACS for 2 terms since.

              9. Report by Coordinator of Projects
              Dr. Mohinder Singh said that a report of FACS Projects for 1999-2001 has already been tabled in full at the 11th General Assembly and there was nothing more to add. A proposal of projects restructuring was circulated, however, due to tight schedule, it was suggested that review on this matter be discussed in the next EXCO meeting.

              There was a suggestion that all current projects needed approval by the EXCO and action needed in terminating those inactive projects. Then, a point was raised regarding the current 'natural products' project. Was this project too big? Should it be considered and changed to a more focus area such as 'medicinal chemistry' since this is a new emerging area in Asia. In addition, it could be linked to the Federation of Asian Medicinal Chemistry activity.

              There was a suggestion that current projects such as APFAN, Chemical Education, Green Chemistry (or Cleaner Production), ANEC together with ANAIC be retained and kept at the present time.

              There was some discussion regarding names for the Projects' Director and Co-Director. For examples, names have put forward for APFAN were Dr Peter Scheelings (Australia) and Dr Julia Kantasubrata (Indonesia); Prof Tabata and Prof Webb for ANAIC; Dr Chris Strauss (Australia) and Dr.Jyh-Shing Yang (Taiwan) for Green Chemistry; Datuk Dr Mohinder Singh and Dr Ross Sadler for ANEC; Dr Dave Winkler (Australia) for 'Medicinal Chemistry' perhaps with Prof Kazuko Matsumoto (Japan) as Co-Director; Prof Xiao-Xia Li continued as ChIN project Director with Dr Dave Winkler as Co-Director. In particular, the proposed 'Medicinal Chemistry' project will be decided at the next EXCO meeting.

              10. Report of Chairman of Publications Committee
              Prof. Tahsin J. Chow expressed his sincere thanks to both Dr. Jer-Young Chen and Dr. Huey-Huey Lo whom were the Executive Editors for the past several issues of FACS Newsletter.

              Prof. Chow then went on and suggested to all Project Directors that he will rely on them providing future publications first to the editor prior to the FACS Newsletter.

              Regarding the budget, Prof. Chow raised a fact that half of the production cost in the past was managed through various grants that he received in Taiwan. He strongly urged the EXCO to consider ways to handle the new budget for our FACS Newsletter publication. Professor Chow will produce the pdf version of the newsletter which can then be printed and placed on the web. FACS Newsletter will be published on paper and on our FACS web site.

              An idea was canvassed around the meeting related to combining the ChIN and Publications projects together when we move into 'electronic' publications era.

              In this Minutes, a special tribute is recorded in thanking Prof Tahsin J. Chow for his outstanding contribution as Chairman of the Publications of FACS for the past two years. 

              11. Report by ChIN Director on web page
              The domain name of FACS was approved by EXCO as www.dubai-abra.com and the web page was successful in operation. Prof Xiao-Xia Li is happy to maintain the running of this FACS web page.

              Please Li asked that : (i) All abstracts fronm 9ACC be put on the FACS Wed page; and (ii) participant contacts be provided.

              Pearl Script could be used to password protect to block access to files eg letterhead for EXCO members

              12. Report on Chemical Education and Green Chemistry Awards
              Based upon the decision reached at the 11th GA, it was agreed that a new Award on 'Chemical Education' be given alongside with others such as the Awards of FACS Foundation Lectureship, Distinguished Young Chemist and Distinguished Contribution to Economic at the next 10ACC. 

              Regarding the 'Green Chemistry' Award, it was decided that without strong support by all members, this matter will be adjourned until the next EXCO meeting. 

              13. Report on FACS Foundation Guidelines
              Background: The purpose of this Foundation could be established in order to get the financial contribution from outside. A brief outline has been circulated. FACS is the initiator, trustees, and launching fund. Dr. Singh and Prof. Noller were asked to look into the detailed information on the establishment of the Foundation.

              Proposal(s) on FACS Foundation Guidelines still need further development. All members at this EXCO meeting agreed that this particular policy issue would be much more appropriate for the next EXCO forum to discuss. 

              14. Report on Review of FACS Function
              The issue of FACS Function was brought up at the 38th EXCO meeting and EXCO suggested at that time to set up a task force to look at the re-construction of FACS, recruiting extra EXCO members in additional to the original EXCO organization, reviewing the current FACS projects, reconsidering the whole project direction on communications, environment and focusing on the mission and the function of FACS and working structure and current system of project, and improving the efficiency of FACS function. 

              15. Venue of 13th GA and 11th ACC
              The Korean Chemical Society and the Institut Kimia Malaysia have both expressed their interest in hosting 13th GA and 11th ACC. A formal proposal from the Korean Chemical Society addressed to Dr Johnsee Lee had been submitted to the Secretariat in June 2001. For the record, it was noted that a brief presentation by the Korean Chemical Society about their plan of hosting the 13th GA and 11th ACC had been given at the 11th GA two days ago. No final decision was made on this matter at this 39th EXCO meeting.

              16. Others 
              A proposal on "Professional Ethics: Chemical Disarmament" (Attachment 4) was put forward by Prof. John Webb, Project Director of ANAIC for EXCO to endorse. After consideration, it was decided that the proposal would have EXCO general support. Prof. Noller, the President, will write a letter back to Prof John Webb.

              ACGC (Asian Coordinating Group for Chemistry): A general view from the current EXCO members that ACGC is not considered as FACS Project. In order to continue getting 500 USD funding, ACGC needs put forward proper proposal to FACS from Prof Stephen Pyne, the funding could not be use for traveling. Also, there was a view that ACGC publications should go back to its original format to showcase projects activities and be published four issues per annum. There was a view from Dr Soon, the Treasurer, that EXCO needs to review the FACS support to ACGC on a yearly basis and suggesting a minimum of two copies of the ACGC publication be sent to all member Societies.

              Publications: Prof Tahsin J Chow, Chair of the Publications is happy to continue the editorial role of our FACS Newsletter publication. He mentioned that 10 days are needed to get them printed and each issue of our Newsletter would cost about 4000 USD. The revenue from advertising would earn just a bit less than 1000 USD. Question on bringing in more dollars such as sponsorship, advertising from Australia has been raised. 

              17. Future EXCO Meetings and Next Meeting
              A schedule listed below was established for future EXCO meetings. The next EXCO meeting details was listed under the 40th EXCO meeting.
              40th EXCO meeting: Mid Dec 2001 
              * The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry represented by Prof Andy Hor made an offer to be the host. 
              * EXCO Members accepted Prof Hor's kindest offer.
              * Exact date to be announced and informed to all EXCO Members.
              41st EXCO meeting: End of March 2002 (date not set)
              * Malaysia was considering to hosting this meeting
              42nd EXCO meeting: Nov/Dec 2002 (date and location not set)
              43rd EXCO meeting: May 2003 (Melbourne, Australia)
              44th EXCO meeting: Hanoi, Vietnam (together with 10ACC and 12th GA) 
              Prof. Noller adjourned the 39th EXCO meeting at 11:00PM. 



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