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              FACS NEWSLETTER

              Report on 9th Asian Chemistry Congress

              30 June - 3 July 2001 Brisbane, Australia

              San H.Thang (Australia), Senior Principal Research Scientist
              CSIRO Molecular Science, Bag 10, Clayton South, Vic 3169, Australia

              Conference Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exbition Centre.

              The 9th Asian Chemistry Congress (9ACC) was held at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in conjunction with the 38th IUPAC Congress and Asian International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium creating the "World Chemistry Congress" 1-6 July 2001. The attendance at World Chemistry Congress was in excess of 1100 delegates. Although the number of delegates registered for 9ACC only was only about 150, many of its delegates has registered for the whole of World Chemistry Congress. Full registration enabled attendance at all sessions of World Chemistry Congress. 

              9ACC was held over the first 3 days of World Chemistry Congress and shared Plenary Lectures with 38th IUPAC Congress in the morning sessions with a specific program incorporating the FACS Award lectures and parallel theme sessions in the afternoon sessions on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July 2001. In addition, the 11th General Assembly of the FACS was held on Sunday 30th June prior to the opening of World Chemistry Congress that evening.




              The 11th General Assembly was one of the best attended on record with only 7 member societies not represented. The FACS was honored to have Dr Alan Hayes, President of IUPAC attend its General Assembly. The FACS General Assembly admitted the Israel Chemical Society as a member and created a new award in Chemical Education.

              The EXCO for 2001-2003 was confirmed at the 39th EXCO held on Tuesday 2nd July.

              The Welcome Reception for all World Chemistry Congress delegates was held on Sunday evening 1 July 2001. Dr Johnsee Lee participated in the opening of World Chemistry Congress on Monday morning 2nd July as President of the FACS. The opening was followed by the Plenary Lecture delivered by Nobel Laureate Yuan T. Lee, Academia Sinica Taipei entitled "Recent advances of molecular beam studies of chemical dynamics".

              The FACS Award lectures were presented on both Monday and Tuesday afternoon as follows :

              Monday 2nd July 2001
              The FACS Foundation Lectureship (Analytical Chemistry 2001) was awarded to Professor Paul Haddad, The University of Tasmania, Australia. He delivered the lecture "Separation of inorganic ions using capillary electrochromatography".
              The FACS Award for Distinguished Contribution to Economic Development was awarded to Dr Jong-Kee Yeo L.G. Chemical Ltd., Korea. He delivered the lecture "A Challenge: Restructuring a Chemical Company via R and D".

              Tuesday 3rd July 2001
              The FACS Distinguished Young Chemist Award (Organic Chemistry 2001) was awarded to Professor Margaret Brimble, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She delivered the lecture "Synthesis studies towards natural products containing bis-spiracetals".

              The Citation for each FACS awardee was addressed by the Secretary-General FACS Professor K.N. Chen and an awardee memento was presented to each person by Dr Johnsee Lee, the President FACS.

              In the remaining time on the Monday and Tuesday afternoons several oral papers were presented in a variety of parallel sessions covering:

              Chemistry and Community; Inorganic Chemistry;
              Instrumental Chemistry; Natural Products Chemistry;
              Green Chemistry and Cleaner Production; Chemical Information Networks;
              Advances in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry; and Environmental Chemistry.

              There was a very good response to the parallel sessions and attendance in some cases was overflowing. Of the 70 abstracts included in the conference handbook only 5 presentations were not given. Professor Yuan T Lee also gave a presentation entitled "Chemistry for a better community" in the parallel session on Chemistry and Community .

              The poster session of 9ACC was held Wednesday afternoon 3rd July and comprised 106 posters. 

              Following the award lecture given by Dr Jong-Kee Yeo on Monday afternoon 1st July the official opening of the Conference Exhibition was undertaken by the Queensland Government Minister for Innovation and Information Economy, the Honorable Paul Lucas. Both Dr Jong-Kee Yeo and Dr Johnsee Lee were able to meet the Minister prior to the opening of the Conference Exhibition.

              The 9ACC Banquet was held on the evening of Tuesday 3rd July 2001 and incorporated the introduction of the FACS Executive Committee for 2001-2003. A cultural presentation was given during the banquet by the "Singing Swaggy" which had been supported by the Peanut Company of Australia. The Managing Director Mr Bob Hanson gave a brief outline of his companies top quality peanut production activities. Professor Ho Si Thoang made a presentation on 10ACC which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, October 2003 prior to the Banquet on Tuesday afternoon 3rd July 2001 and endorsed the committee presented at the banquet namely:
              President: Professor Barry Noller, Australia
              Past-President: Dr Johnsee Lee, Taiwan
              President-Elect: Professor Ho Si Thoang, Vietnam
              Secretary- General: Dr San Thang, Australia
              Treasurer: Datuk Dr Soon Ting-Kuey, Malaysia
              Coordinator of Projects: Professor M M Ito, Japan
              Coordinator of Publications: Professor T J Chow, Taiwan.

              The 39th EXCO meeting also noted matters raised at the 11th FACS General Assembly held on Sunday 30th June 2001.

              The new Executive of the FACS looks forward to carrying on and expanding the work of the Federation over the next 2 years and in helping the Chemical Society of Vietnam in developing 10ACC. 

              Professor Barry N Noller President and Chair 9ACC and Dr San Thang Secretary General. 

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